LAYERED LIVING happier births for mothers. better health for families.

LAYERED LIVING happier births for mothers.
better health for families.

Is your family ready for better health?

After consulting with Laurel on my health and dietary goals I feel confident in referring her to my own clients.

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Mel Brezovsky, LPC, NCC

At the start of my health coaching program, I was regularly taking 17 different medications. By the end, I was down to four! This is a huge relief mentally, physically, AND financially.

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Nicole M.

Laurel was patient, encouraging, and genuinely committed to helping me reach my goals. I gained knowledge and a different perspective on how to work though challenges in my life.

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Natalie L.

I always felt that Laurel had a genuine interest and concern for my wellbeing. She truly cared about my progress and kept track of my changes. She was understanding of my struggles and never judged me for my unhealthy habits. I trusted Laurel to provide meaningful advice. She always went above and beyond.

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Areeba S.

My biggest victory is sleep, which increased from 4 hours on average to 6-8 hours nightly. I sleep like a log. My coaching program has enabled me to take steps toward getting back to doing more of the things I like to do and bring me joy.

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John B.

This program not only helped me to learn about nutrition, but as the name implies, it helped me to gain balance in ALL layers of my life-- from nutrition to finances, personal relationships to physical activity. Laurel is a master of positivity and empowerment and I know my life has been enriched in innumerable ways because of her health coaching.

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Nicole J.

My new way of eating and the stress relieving techniques I learned have eliminated my nighttime sweet cravings, enabled me to stop taking pharmaceutical sleep aids, and improved my quality of sleep. Plus, my healthy eating shifts resulted in the rest of my family also improving the quality of food and quantity of fresh fruits and veggies we eat together.

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Christine J.

“I’m just loving my vegetables!… I am a rabbit stealing all the lettuces… I made you some bone broth to make you feel better… I love you more than donuts!”

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Imogen O., Age 4

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Poor Health is Draining.

Are negative health symptoms diminishing your quality of life and costing you money?

As an Birth and Family Wellness Coach, I provide researched-backed information and wellness solutions.

Better health is possible for your family.


Where Do You Need Support?

Good health is created by far more than what's your plate.

Physical activity, relationships, career, spirituality, finances, and more also impact physical and mental health.

Health Coaching allows you to work on each area. This decreases your stress and improves your overall health.

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Health Coaching Specialties:

anti-inflammatory diets

nutrition & digestive wellness

stress-relief & improved sleep

healthy habit building

food & environmental allergies

celiac disease & gluten sensitivity


Photo Credit: ©EmmiClaire Photography
Photo Credit: ©EmmiClaire Photography