Healthy Family Course

As a mom of three, I understand that being a parent is hard work!

The Healthy Family Course makes parenting easier and more fun through better health.

Whether your kids are still little or getting ready to be off on their own, you will be provided with valuable information and answers to your family's everyday health challenges.

Each topic-specific class covers:

  • the basics you need to know in order to improve your health
  • easy-to-apply action steps to start feeling better right away
  • common problems that act as barriers and how to resolve them
  • recommended providers for additional support (if needed)

Need more individualized support?

Families with a specific health concern are encouraged to also sign-up for a private 50-minute Problem-Solving Session.

Photo Credit: ©EmmiClaire Photography
Photo Credit: ©EmmiClaire Photography

The Healthy Family Course Topics Include:

  • Nutrition fundamentals
  • Picky eaters and healthy mealtime habits for life
  • Meal prep for busy schedules
  • Cultivate healthy relationships
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Discover what motivates you (and your kids!)
  • Detox for energy and weight loss
  • Healthy bathroom habits
  • Make the switch to safer personal care and cleaning products
  • Sleep guidelines by age
  • Commonly missed health conditions that keep you tired
  • Solutions for the whole family
  • Exercise types and their roles
  • Workout guidelines by age
  • Find physical activities to balance your lifestyle

Ingrid C. shares:

"I learned useful, practical information that I could implement immediately after each session ended. I truly cannot recommend this series highly enough!"

Is your baby almost ready to start solid foods? Add-on the Baby Food Class and learn how to start your child on nourishing foods for lifelong health.

Get started by joining the next online class. Healthy habits are best built from Day 1!

The Layered Living Healthy Family Course provides solutions for families.

This comprehensive course consists of five 75-minute classes. Join from anywhere! Everything is online and live.

Discount opportunities are available by inviting other families to join and turning your course into a group program.

Included in the price are a number of educational handouts, reference links, and suggested resources to support you and your family. Plus, you will receive a FREE program gift at the completion of your course!

Simple habit shifts can transform the health and harmony within your home. Give yourself and your family the gift of better health and more fun by joining the Layered Living Healthy Family Course today.

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