New Baby Course

The start to parenthood is exciting, daunting, joyful, and exhausting. It is normal for moms- and dads-to-be to feel overwhelmed with questions.

Will I be able to manage childbirth?

How can dads-to-be help in the delivery room and at home?

Who can help if my baby is having trouble nursing?

What do I need to know and decide for my child the moment they are born?

How will my baby fit into my schedule?

Will I ever sleep again?

The Layered Living New Baby Course is perfect for both new parents-to-be and those with older children seeking a different experience than their first time around.

Learn traditional prenatal education, guidance from some the top parenting experts, and tips on all those things that should be shared with parents but often are not.

The New Baby Course Topics Include:


  • Preparing for labor
  • Understanding the fear-pain connection
  • Breath the stress away during labor and throughout life


  • Stages of labor and what to do
  • What to expect during a vaginal vs C-section delivery
  • Tips for your support partner
  • Recovery from a C-section


  • Natural labor relief options
  • Medicated pain management options
  • Common medical interventions
  • Writing a birth plan


  • Baby-friendly practices
  • Procedures you need to know about for infant and maternal health
  • What are lip and tongue ties?
  • Breastfeeding overview and tips


  • How to decipher your baby’s cues
  • Surviving the early days
  • Postpartum care for mom
  • Healthy baby routines

The Layered Living New Baby Course brings more joy to parenthood.

This comprehensive course consists of five 60-minute classes. Everything is online and live. PJs welcome!

Discount opportunities are available by inviting other families to join and turning your course into a group program.

Included in the price are a number of educational handouts, reference links, and suggested resources to support you and your family. Plus, you will receive a FREE program gift at the completion of your course!

If your baby has already arrived, join the last two parenting classes only. Discover how to make parenting easier and more fun by signing up for the Layered Living New Baby Course today!

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