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Connect Class – Single 75-min live, online wellness class.

Does it feel like your house is filled with more fighting than fun these days? Are you exhausted from having the same fight over and over again with your spouse? Would you like to achieve a greater level of success at work?

Eating healthily is an important step toward health and happiness. However, there is no perfect diet that can fix toxic or unfulfilling relationships.

Anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, and loneliness are growing problems among children, teenagers, and adults. Not only do these conditions impact our mental health, but our physical and financial health as well! Both families and employers feel the burden of chronic stress and ill health.

The quality of the relationships we have with our family, friends, and ourselves impacts our health and the relationships we have in business. How often has stress at home spilled over into the workplace and vice versa?

The Layered Living Connect Class discusses how to cultivate healthy relationships in all areas of your life, provides tips to improve your communication skills for better personal relationships and professional success, and teaches the tools within to bring yourself back to a state of calm when surrounded by stress.

Sign up today for answers and relief for yourself and your family.

OR SAVE 20% and discover whole life wellness by signing up for the complete Healthy Family Course.

Layered Living will coordinate class time and date once payment has been received.


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