Healthy Family Course

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The Healthy Family Course helps you identify and resolve common, everyday wellness challenges faced at all ages.



Includes all five foundational classes to help your family increase their health and happiness: EAT, CONNECT, ELIMINATE, MOVE, and SLEEP. Each live, online wellness class is 75-minutes, plus Q&A.

The Healthy Family Course helps you identify and resolve common, everyday health challenges faced by families. However, the majority of the content is relevant to all ages. Regardless of your age, phase of life, or even whether or not you have kids, you will benefit from the Healthy Family Course.

Many health conditions require testing, diagnosis, or ongoing treatment. Therefore, I have identified the best types of medical providers to support you. Immediately apply the information, solutions, and resources provided for fast relief.

Save 20% on each class and discover whole life wellness by purchasing the complete Healthy Family Course! Plus, you will receive FREE educational handouts, resource links, and a program gift at the completion of your program.

Give yourself and your family the gift of better health and more fun by signing up today!

Layered Living will coordinate class times and dates once payment has been received.

Do you have a baby? Add-on my Baby Food class to learn everything you need to get your little one started on nourishing food for lifelong health.


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