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Move Class – Single 75-min live, online wellness class.

What role does physical activity play in your life? Is it helping you achieve your wellness goals, or do you feel stuck and frustrated? Do you enjoy working out or does it feel like another chore you should fit in? Is screen time dominating your family’s free time?

Type 2 diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, and lack of self-esteem are common problems affecting all age groups. Are lifestyle factors, such as a lack of physical activity, contributing to your family’s chronic health problems?

Our relationship with exercise is as much mental as it is physical. People at all ages and fitness abilities benefit from incorporating physical activity into their lives. However, the best forms and amount of physical activity varies greatly from person-to-person and across different ages and phases of life.

The Layered Living Move Class teaches you the basics about different forms of exercise, discusses how to balance the right forms of physical activity with your lifestyle and current health, and encourages a better relationship with your unique body.

Sign up today for answers and relief for yourself and your family.

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