The mission of Layered Living is to help your family feel better and reduce your healthcare expenses, so you can do more of what you love.

I offer the following services:

Goal-oriented guidance and support for individuals, families, and groups.

Prenatal and parenting classes for healthy babies and happy parents.

Wellness classes for better health and increased harmony at home.

Education and support for gluten free living and related disorders.

Gluten free and allergy-friendly recipes from my family to yours.

Telehealth to Better Serve You

All the Health Coaching programs and educational Wellness Classes provided by Layered Living are conducted via video call.

Telehealth allows long distance clients to receive personalized, direct care without the inconvenience of in-person appointments.

Through the use of simple-to-use, readily-available modern technology, Layered Living is able to support more families seeking improved health and reduce the burden of chronic disease all across the United States.

Layered Living serves the entire USA. Global support available based on time zone and service.

Distance, traffic, and busy schedules are no longer a problem!

Evening sessions are available to fit even the busiest work schedules. There’s no better time to start feeling better.

If you have family, friends, or colleagues that could benefit from personalized, direct care without the inconvenience of in-person visits please connect us.

In-person coaching sessions, wellness talks, and educational workshops are available to businesses and groups depending on location.

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As a coach, I put the power back in your hands.

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