Through Laurel’s persistence and natural curiosity she helps her clients develop achievable lifestyle goals.  She will design a tailor made program for specific health challenges.  Laurel offers a variety of coaching services that integrate a whole life approach.

She has met her own family health challenges with skill and determination and is able to bring that experience to her work.

After consulting with Laurel on my health and dietary goals I feel confident in referring her to my own clients.

Mel Brezovsky, LPC, NCC


At the start of my health coaching program, I was regularly taking 17 different medications. By the end, I was down to four! This is a huge relief mentally, physically, AND financially.

I no longer experience seasonal or environmental allergies or asthma, which has enabled me to enjoy more outdoor activities with my husband and our puppy. My coaching program helped me make the switch from processed foods and takeout to fresh, whole foods. Even my husband enjoys eating more vegetables now. We are both doing more home cooking. I used to have severe reflux, frequent nausea, and oral allergies to many fruits and vegetables. My reflux has greatly reduced, I rarely experience nausea anymore, and my oral allergies are gone. Food is fun!

I have a regular workout routine that I love and feel so much better – stronger, more energy, more muscular. This makes me feel good about myself. I am losing weight and my bloating and joint pain are gone. I don’t need medication anymore to manage my pain. My overall stress and fatigue have also greatly reduced. This has enabled me to wean off a number of depression and anxiety medications. Even going to the bathroom is more comfortable (no more constipation!). I feel better in all areas of my life.

Nicole M.


I achieved all my goals during my coaching program. I finally got a job that supports me and my disability. I’ve improved my diet – more water and vegetables, less sugar, eliminated foods that don’t work for my body. Now I don’t feel as tired all the time. I’ve become more active and am enjoying spending time outside with my service dog. I am much happier in all areas of my life.

Bethany J.


Awesome, thank you so much! What a great human being and you are very knowledgeable in your field!  You are a wonderful educator, coach, business owner, entrepreneur and very thoughtful of others. I love that I received a copy of notes and action plan from you for me to review and implement right away! This Rocks!!!!

Your consultation on the video Zoom online with me was extremely valuable and has helped me take the correct approach and action plan to help me wean off and eventually will break free of my RedBull addiction and sugar cravings towards chocolate and anything sweet. I now have a purpose to commit to myself to start living a healthier lifestyle and be more mindful what I consume on a daily basis.

I highly recommend a consultation with Laurel – she Rocks!!! I will let others in my growing network of friends know about Laurel's expertise and passion for truly helping people thru any of their personal health and wellness challenges and be that gentle guide to help motivate and inspire to take action and to live the life their goals and dreams aspire too!

Patrick G.


Laurel was patient, encouraging, and genuinely committed to helping me reach my goals. I gained knowledge and a different perspective on how to work though challenges in my life.

Laurel, thank you so much for your kindness and commitment to helping me reach my goals. I share this with others: “If what you’re doing isn’t helping you reach your goals, try Laurel’s health coaching. It will open your eyes to a new way of living healthy.”

Natalie L.


My top goals upon starting the Personalized Health Coaching Program were to eat more healthily, improve my sleep quality, boost my metabolism, and return to a healthy caloric intake. Through Laurel’s encouragement, advice, and dedication to my health, I was able to get closer to my goals. I would recommend her to all my friends and family! She is an amazing coach.

I always felt that Laurel had a genuine interest and concern for my wellbeing. She truly cared about my progress and kept track of my changes. She was understanding of my struggles and never judged me for my unhealthy habits. I trusted Laurel to provide meaningful advice. She always went above and beyond.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a reduction in my stress levels. My coworkers even commented that I wasn’t as flustered or irritable as I had previously been. I also sleep much better now and am not waking up as much during the night.

I would recommend Layered Living to anyone that is embarking on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle or just needs tips on healthy habits. Laurel has made a lasting impact on my life with the advice that she has given me. She is passionate about health and dedicated to helping her clients with their struggles.

Areeba S.


At the start of my coaching program I had been recently diagnosed with celiac disease. My goals were to increase my knowledge about my disease so that I could modify my diet and lifestyle appropriately to lose weight, reduce my stress, and improve my sleep.

Through the Layered Living coaching program, I gained the education and confidence needed to successfully maintain a gluten free diet and become my own health advocate. I am eating healthier food which makes me feel a whole lot better physically. I enjoy going grocery shopping now.

I no longer need to take any medications for pain, not even headaches. The swelling in my legs is gone. I feel better, lighter, and don’t have the pain in my stomach anymore. I no longer feel like I need gallbladder surgery due to stomach discomfort.

I now look at every task as an opportunity to be active. This has resulted in weight loss and an increase in my muscle mass, energy, drive, and stamina. I no longer feel short-winded or like I’m going to have a heart attack. My clothes fit better. I even bought my dogs FitBarks. Helping them achieve their daily “bark points” helps me exceed my step goals.

Severe stress has been a challenge in my life for years. I now use the methods taught in my coaching program to reduce and manage my stress naturally.

My biggest victory is sleep, which increased from 4 hours on average to 6-8 hours nightly. I sleep like a log. My coaching program has enabled me to take steps toward getting back to doing more of the things I like to do and bring me joy.

John B.


Having recently completed my first 6 month path to wellness program with Layered Living, I wanted to take a moment and thank Laurel for all that she has done for me. Not only was I able to discover that I suffer from an autoimmune disease, I was able to gain the education and tools needed to pursue the healthiest life for me in spite of my illness!

This program not only helped me to learn about nutrition, but as the name implies, it helped me to gain balance in ALL layers of my life-- from nutrition to finances, personal relationships to physical activity. Laurel is a master of positivity and empowerment and I know my life has been enriched in innumerable ways because of her health coaching.

I am definitely planning for another coaching session in the new year. Thank you for changing my life Layered Living!!

Nicole J.


I greatly increased my daily servings of fresh fruits and veggies. I feel confident and satiated with my new way of eating, even when traveling out-of-town for work.

I have eliminated my chronic neck and ankle joint pain, and reduced the arthritis pain in both hands and wrists. I lost 10 pounds and my clothes fit better now – I need to buy a smaller size! I am able to get up and down off the floor more easily.

My new way of eating and the stress relieving techniques I learned have eliminated my nighttime sweet cravings, enabled me to stop taking pharmaceutical sleep aids, and improved my quality of sleep. Plus, my healthy eating shifts resulted in the rest of my family also improving the quality of food and quantity of fresh fruits and veggies we eat together.

I learned new organizational skills to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones which improves my sense of accomplishment and reduces my tendency to procrastinate when feeling overwhelmed.

I began volunteering with PAALS service dog organization which improved both my mental and physical health. I have also implemented tools and resources to reduce the demands on my time and energy caused by being a full-time caretaker for a disabled family member.

Christine J.


My first client was our oldest daughter. While battling a number of gut health problems including celiac disease, intestinal permeability (a.k.a. leaky gut syndrome), candida overgrowth, and a long list of food sensitivities, we learned a ton about food, nutrition, and cooking. As a result, our kids are growing up in a house that loves to cook and eat. A few of our favorite food-related quotes from our oldest are:

“I’m just loving my vegetables!… I am a rabbit stealing all the lettuces… I made you some bone broth to make you feel better… I love you more than donuts!

Imogen O., Age 4


While navigating an unexpected health crisis at a critical point in my pregnancy, Laurel was quickly available to provide helpful and practical resources and advice in approaching my health needs.

I especially appreciated her support of my desire to pursue natural, nutritive treatment and her advice to explore a more thorough blood panel for a better understanding of my condition and needs. She provided reliable research along with her advice, which gave me the knowledge and the confidence to treat my condition within her recommendations.

I would gladly reach out to Laurel again for any and all of my future health coaching needs and strongly recommend you use her services for your own benefit. She is a wealth of knowledge, patient and kind in conversation, and truly cares about supporting natural living in her clients’ needs.

Meredith F.



Skip the hospital classes - take Laurel's New Baby prep course!!

As a first time Mom and Dad, we wanted to feel prepared and informed as much as possible around what to expect with pregnancy thru childbirth and Laurel delivered above and beyond! She filled in so many blanks the books leave out and her wisdom of being an amazing mom of 3 herself, (her kids are angels and eat lettuce like it's candy - seriously!!), gave us peace of mind knowing that she's not just speaking from training but through life experience. We especially loved that her course is personalized and intimate with so many follow up resources to refer back to.

For everything she provides, it was such a BARGAIN and well worth it! Now my husband and I feel like it's "not the first rodeo" and can focus on being excited new parents for our baby's arrival rather than stressed and concerned about what may come next. (Which ended up being even more important going through 3rd trimester with COVID-19 outbreak surrounding delivery!)

I really can't say enough great things about Laurel and her class - just take it! I promise you'll be so happy you did!

Katt & John H.


Laurel and her New Baby Course were both informative and caring. While I am a second time mom this was my first birthing class. There were so many things I hadn’t known about in reference to procedures I can request and health related education. Birthing class isn’t just for vaginal births, which most people don’t know. It’s for all births and medical procedures for before and after.

One of the many things that I personally like about Laurel is that not only is she a great educator, but she is also a wonderful and genuinely kind human being. She draws from personal experience but is very tender regarding your questions and concerns as well. She is informed, educated and all around kind and thoughtful.

Karie-Lynn B.


Dear Laurel,

I want to first start by saying thank you. Your New Baby Course was really exceptional, and you were really great. The information you shared was very helpful and I feel a lot more prepared as a soon-to-be parent.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain things thoroughly and for answering all of our questions.

Aside from all that knowledge that you have to share, we most appreciate you for giving us peace of mind. You can’t buy peace of mind and that is what you have given us.

Sincerely, Francisco and Karie 


Even though we already felt fairly confident about tackling parenthood, we were amazed by how much knowledge Laurel's New Baby Course equipped us for both pre and post labour.

She has a wealth of experience and remained open minded, highlighting all the options available to us during and after birth. I'm amazed how much she taught me that I haven't learned from my obstetric health professionals. We can't recommend Laurel and her program enough. We're already signed up for her Baby Food class for when the time comes to start thinking about starting solids! Thanks Laurel!

Olivia & Alex B.


Laurel has an abundance of knowledge and was so helpful with educating us on various prenatal topics! Our primary interests when starting the Layered Living New Baby Course were labor techniques, postpartum care, and parenting. After completing this program, my husband and I feel about as prepared as we possibly can be before our baby arrives (because it’s impossible to be 100% prepared).

My husband and I also took prenatal classes given through our OBGYN at our local hospital. The classes were educational, but also very broad. We appreciated Laurel’s more personal and individualized atmosphere. She was willing to tweak the topics around our interests, which was helpful!

Laurel is very knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and understanding! We would recommend the Layered Living New Baby Program to anyone who is expecting a baby, especially for the first time.

We are looking forward to taking MORE wellness classes with Layered Living in the near future!

Hannah & Joe H.


Laurel was extremely helpful in teaching and explaining various birth techniques to prepare me for the arrival of my son. Anticipating labor can be overwhelming. Laurel’s approach helped ease my mind and offered me relief in knowing that I wasn’t alone in my journey with such an amazing birth prep coach!

The Layered Living New Baby Course focuses around the various stages of birth and different things you can expect. Although no two labors are the same, it was helpful to hear of the different scenarios that can happen during labor so that I wasn’t completely blindsided by anything the nurses or doctors were doing or asked.

One of my favorite sessions with Laurel was going through various forms of labor relief and how to power through the pain that can come along with contractions during labor. I was able to use these techniques at the beginning of my labor and they helped me mentally focus on the task at hand rather than the pain I was experiencing. Laurel also provides excellent preparation for breastfeeding and support following birth.

My son is now 6 months old and thriving. I give a huge amount of credit to Laurel for helping me mentally prepare for the beginning of my journey into motherhood.

Anna L.



We gained so much insight into a healthy lifestyle not only for ourselves, but for our 6-month-old daughter. We really appreciated Laurel’s knowledge and expertise on many topics, including healthy nutrition, sleep habits, and relationships.

Laurel is knowledgeable, thorough, and incredibly passionate. I would recommend the Layered Living Healthy Family Course to anyone who is looking to improve their health or lifestyle overall in a holistic approach.

Hannah & Joe H.


I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years, so I know a lot about health and wellness, but I cannot believe how much more I learned from taking Laurel‘s Healthy Family Course. I was so impressed, not only by the breadth and depth of the knowledge that she presented, but also how artfully each presentation flowed. I learned useful, practical information that I could implement immediately after the session ended and I also received information that would support my wellness journey far into the future.

I particularly enjoyed her presentation on "Connecting" where I learned some very valuable communications tools, and her presentation regarding sleep, where I had some significant insights into how my own patterns were inhibiting my health. I truly cannot recommend this series highly enough, and I’m looking forward to working with Laurel in the future.

Ingrid C.


I participated in the Layered Living EAT class and it exceeded my expectations. In the past I have not eaten enough vegetables and have eaten too many processed foods. I thought they were easier and faster to prepare.

In an hour, I learned where different nutrients can be found, why certain foods are good for and bad for your health, the long- and short-term effects they will have on your body, how much to eat based on a person’s age and current health status, and delicious ways to prepare them even if you don’t really love vegetables.

After the class, Laurel stayed online and answered questions that I still had. Then she sent me an email answering any other questions I had.

I highly recommend Layered Living’s EAT class because - thanks to Laurel’s extensive knowledge of health and wellness - she is able to teach you a way of eating that will improve your quality of life.

Bethany J.

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